My pleasure to meet you on my page!


I'm Maria, wedding and family photographer from Tallinn, Estonia.


Studied in the North East College, Scotland. Received a Higher National Certificate in Photography. Professionally photographing since April 2015.


I improve my qualifications, undergo training, and provide consultations for beginner photographers.


My photographs are lively, conveying the atmosphere of the event and your emotions! I help with posing and advise during the shooting process. Pure natural color and timeless classics.












  • Higher National Certificate, North East College, 2015-2016, Scotland
  • Rubislaw Photography Practice - Wedding Photography (Aberdeen), 2016
  • MC, 2 days theory and practice - Wedding photography, Anna Makarova (Tallinn), 2017
  • MC - Newborn shooting, Olesya Kovalchuk (Tallinn), 2017
  • Educational Photo Marathon on Instagram @foto_bez_granic, 2nd place 2019, TOP-10 2020
  • MC - Subject photography @alyonalonyonalyona (Tallinn), 2020
  • Editing webinar from Alexandra Helk (Tallinn), 2020
  • Online editing course by Marta Yuga, 2020
  • Online processing course by Anna Laas, 2020
  • Online course on managing and promoting Instagram Evgeniya Yovanovic Insta Start, 2021
  • Online course 2.5 months Lifestyle by Denis Persenen, 2021
  • Online courses by Maksim Dobryi Lifestyle U5 and Lifestyle 2, 2021
  • Online course by Maksim Dobryi Wedding W, 2021
  • WS HappyCouple Stylized wedding vol1-vol6, 2021-2023
  • Online course by Maksim Dobryi Wedding W2, 2022
  • Online course by Maxim Dobryi Flash, 2022
  • MC, 2 days theory and practice - Wedding - Pavel Lepeshev (Tallinn), 2023
  • Online course 2.5 months Wedding photography Diana Bond, 2023